The Deep in Hull

Blogs Up North has provided us with so many fantastic days out as a family over the past few months and today was no exception.Today we headed over the pennines to Hull to visit The Deep and to meet up with some East side bloggers.

For many of them this was the first time we were meeting and it was great to be able to host something in a city close to their homes.

The Deep is a fantastically intricate building which turns into a bit of a maze when you are inside. It has loads of opportunities to learn and lots of hand on experiments to do.The Deep has a very large tank which contains rays, swordfish, sharks and more. It is the largest tank of its type that I have seen spanning over three stories high. You can travel in the scenic lift to exit and it feels like you are right inside the tank with the fish.

It isn’t the biggest aquarium I have been to or even the one with the most diverse animals but it was certainly a great day out and I would definitely consider going back. If you buy a one day ticket you can also exchange that for a yearly pass allowing you to go as often as you want which if you lived close by would be an ideal opportunity for you.We did take some snacks for the day but we decided to eat in the café after the smell lured us in. The food looked gorgeous and Hubby had a minced beef and onion pie that he said was divine whilst I had a jacket potato, beans and salad. There was a wide variety of food available including a salad bar, cakes, sandwiches and hot food.

If you are over that way I would definitely recommend going in if only to come face to face with a sword fish!