Acer to the rescue

Five days a go today was a sad day in the Tired Mummy of Two household. I had two meetings in between the school runs and I was rushing around the house getting ready to run out of the door.

With my new Zatchel bag in hand I was about to leave when the metal clasp at the side of the bag came undone. The bag crashed to the floor with a thump.

I didn’t think much of it. I reattached the strap and away we went.

It was only when I was at my first meeting that I realised that the thump to the floor did more damage than I thought.

My laptop screen was smashed. At first two thirds of the screen were useable so I got through that meeting and went onto my second. Unfortunately the screen was getting worse as time went on. By the time I arrived at my second meeting it was flickering and only one third of the screen was useable but even then it wasn’t really very good.

One tiny little slip of that Metal clasp had cost me my laptop. To most people although that would be an irritant it wouldn’t really have that much affect. To me it was devastating. My life and my work all revolves around that laptop. It holds years worth of photos and without the laptop I would be unable to blog and therefore unable to work. Without work there was no money and therefore I needed to do something quickly.

My old laptop was an Acer 4830 which I loved and Luckily I was just finishing reviewing the Acer B1, a quick chat to the lady who sent that and today I am working on a fantastic Aspire V5 which she sent me to review. I honestly can not thank them enough. Not only am I able to work but this laptop is amazing.

At the value end of the touch screen market this has literally been a turn on and get started laptop unlike the Samsung that I received on the 16th. The Samsung which is now sat next to me on the sofa having to go through a full reinstall because it just isn’t working write.

The Aspire V5 is amazing value and a quick search on the internet shows that you can buy it for around £350 which is phenomenal considering how easy it is to use, how large the screen is and the fact that it has a touch screen.

I am in love with it already and I have only been using it for a few hours. I think these have been the most productive hours I have spent on a laptop in weeks and I just love typing on it. I am finally working my way through my to do list at a decent pace and it is all thanks to Acer.

I will be doing a proper review soon and I am still looking at replacing the broken screen on my old laptop but at least I know what I want for Christmas now.