Summer at Wb Studio Tours – Finding the Philosopher’s stone

Fifteen years are it debuted on the big screen, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone will be coming to life at WB Studio Tours – the making of Harry Potter.

Wb Studio Tour

We absolutely love visiting Wb Studio Tours and it is one of our favourite places to go in the UK. With us all being big Harry Potter fans we could (and have) spend hours looking at all the fabulous props and still find things we have not seen before. To celebrate the summer holidays WB Studios will be hosting a fantastic event which will reveal some of the secrets behind the Philosopher’s Stone film. To check out this special event you need to book to visit between 22nd July and 5th September (tickets available here

philosophers stone

You will be able to discover how giant chess pieces moved, how Fluffy was brought to life and exactly how Devil’s snare managed to live up to J.K. Rowling’s details descriptions. With a moving display of Devil’s snare available to see and touch for the very first time, visitors will be able to touch the giant tentacles!

See the early versions of the Philosopher’s stone that were created before the final version was used and check out all of the vats of troll snot, drool, and unicorn blood that will be shown to visitors during the summer holidays.

chess pieces

The Philosopher’s stone was the starting point of an amazing journey into the world of Harry Potter for many people and we all have a soft spot for the young faces of Harry, Hermoine, Ron and the rest of the students at Hogwarts. It was a year full of fun and adventures that helped us fall in love with the characters and captured our hearts and imaginations.

We would love to go back and learn the secrets behind the Philosopher’s stone this summer!