Submarine Safari in Lanzarote

I can’t believe it was only two weeks ago that I was in Lanzarote in the sun celebrating my youngest daughter turning 5. I almost felt bad that she didn’t have any presents to open on her special day (she had opened them at home before we went). To make up for the lack of presents we decided that we would have to spend the day doing something fun. We had a read up about Lanzarote on the James Villas page and decided to book ourselves onto a submarine safari.
The Submarine looked small from the outside and getting inside was a bit tricky for Grandma but once in we were all excited and ready for our adventure. The trip takes one hour including boarding.
We didn’t see many fish to begin with but once we were further out the submarine settled onto the bottom and the divers came to the window with food for the fish. This meant we got to see lots of amazing coloured fish all at the same time. Unfortunately, my camera did not capture the colours but they were beautiful.
Alison was also lucky enough to have a sign held up at her window wishing her a happy birthday.