Fabulous Family day out in Lanzarote ~ Rancho Texas

I remembered five years ago when we visited Rancho Texas as part of an organised tour being really disappointed that we were rushed and had to leave early so this time I made sure we had as much of the day as possible to enjoy this fabulous family-friendly destination.

Rancho Texas is more than just a zoo as it also includes a fantastic water park with slides, a splash zone and a large swimming area.

We really enjoyed walking around the animal enclosures when we first arrived and I loved the effort that went into making them aesthetically pleasing as well as suitable for the animals. In fact, all of the enclosures look amazing and even the rest of the park had sculptures and things to look at or play in.

I particularly liked playing spot the crocodiles as most of them had camouflaged against the scenery and the Siberian tiger was beautiful to see.

Our favourite part of the animal side was the shows. The shows are narrated in Spanish, English and German. We watched all three of the shows and our favourite had to be the sea lion show. We loved having our photo taken with one of the sea lions.

Thankfully it wasn’t Bruno. I mean look at the size of him! You could also pay for a sealion experience where you got to go into the water with one of the sea lions. We so wanted to do it but the kids had to be seven years old so we have added this to a to-do list for when they are older.

We also loved the parrot show where we watched a variety of parrots perform tricks such as counting, riding a bike, roller skating and lots more. The girls loved meeting the parrots and having photos together.

We were also amazed at the birds of prey show which is the best one I have ever seen. They had some fantastic birds on display including condors and vultures which had win spans of over two and a half metres.

I loved the American Eagle and could not believe it when Elizabeth wanted to go and hold it for a photo. It was almost as big as she was!

After all our animal adventures we changed into a swimsuit and headed into the water park where we had lots of fun.

Rancho texas was fantastic value for money at just ninety euros for three adults and two children and we went on our last day in Lanzarote as we had to leave our apartment at 10 am and we were flying out at 8 pm. It was the perfect way to spend the last day and we all left full of happy memories and absolutely shattered!