Sooty in Space Live


Christmas was a really busy time for us what with going to Butlins and visiting family but whilst we were in the south we took the opportunity to visit London and head over to the Duchess Theatre to catch Sooty live.

My girls are huge Sooty fans and I have to say I am a bit partial to it myself.

It is really good seeing Sooty on CITV after all these years but nothing was quite like seeing him in the theatre. I took my mum along and it was weird to think that he has been around longer than she has. Having been on tv for over 60 years, Sooty has been entertaining children for so long but still has the same appeal that he always had.

The cheeky little bear continues to get into all sorts of trouble accompanied by Sweep and Soo and Richard. My girls love playing with the puppets we have and have even taken to calling each other “custard cheeks” or “banana face”.

Seeing Sooty on stage was brilliant and the audience participation was really good especially the three legged alien dance but I am glad I wasn’t sat in the front as Sooty’s legendary water pistol was upgraded to a Space Ray gun and lets just say its range was a lot longer.