Vampire Diaries Series 2


If you are a constant follower of this blog you may have noticed that I have managed to do quite a bit of blogging in the last 48 hours and I can tell you why. I have just finished watching Vampire Diaries Series 2.

I may have become a bit obsessed with it since I found it again in our post Christmas sort out. Before Elizabeth went into hospital I had been watching Series 1 on Bluray but Hubby was being a pain and not letting me use his PS3 as much as I wanted.

Once I had finished Series 1 I asked for Series 2 on dvd, this means that I can watch on my laptop with my headphones on. However this also means that I could no longer watch and blog at the same time and I have spent most nights since New years eve absolutely engrossed in the series.

I am slightly obsessed and I can’t wait to see what happens to Stefan now he is with Klaus and drinking blood again, I am hoping that his tolerance has been built up since he has been taking a small amount every day. I also wonder why Catherine is sticking around and whether Elena and Damon will get closer after his near death experience.

How I managed to miss this when it was on TV I have no idea but I can’t wait to see what else I have missed.

I received the Vampire Diaries series 2 on dvd for the purpose of this review.