Lots of fun in London


I can not believe I am only just getting around to write this post! Where have the last few weeks gone?

A few weekends ago we were in London to go to Lollibop festival. We were lucky enough to stay over night in the fantastic luxurious Cavendish Hotel before deciding to spend our day together as a family in London.

Hubby had missed most of the fun we had been having over the summer holidays as he had been at work so we took out our Merlin passes and went to the Sealife Centre. We had great fun on the way there looking out of the window and seeing all of the London sights. We went past Trafalgar Square and the houses of parliament, we went right near Big Ben and then we decided that we would also use our passes to go on the London Eye.

We had never been to the Sealife Centre London or on the London Eye together as a family although I did do both earlier this year by myself.


Alison loved the London Eye, she enjoyed looking at all of the landmarks and using the tablets to get information. She enjoyed sitting around the edge looking down on everything. Elizabeth did not. she didn’t like how high up we were although she did enjoy seeing Buckingham Palace from up high.

We gave Alison our camera when she was up there and she took some great photos of the scenery but the picture I love best is the one below.

We had a fabulous day out as a family in London and we didn’t even spend much money. Our Merlin passes have really been a good investment this year and I think we will definitely get them again next year.