Red Hot World Buffet Tastemaker #redhottastemakers


I love food!

Lots of it and from all around the world. This is why when Red Hot World Buffet opened in Manchester a few years ago I was there in the first week. It was perfect for someone like me who loves starters.

I literally eat two plates of starters, a small amount of curry and then move onto the puddings, perfect!

When I heard that Red Hot World Buffet were looking for bloggers to become Tastemakers I jumped at the chance. As a tastemaker we get behind the scenes access to new menu items, a meal out for two people every three months, a free cake at some point in the first year and lots of different events.

To celebrate being a tastemaker I took my niece and little brother out with the rest of the family for a nice meal. With them both being teenagers and staying at my house I was struggling to feed them food that they would both eat so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to put Red Hot World Buffet to the test. Could it really please the teenagers?


As I only get two free adults meals and four drinks as part of the tastemaker programme I took advantage of the under 16’s eat half price offer that was running.  Checked that Hubby was driving and then ordered myself some cocktails.

I then went on the search of something new. I was really excited when I found the Chaat bar, something I had not seen before but which i was intrigued to try. I do love indian food and found this really nice although I also added some onion bhaji and naan bread.

After my stop at the Chaat bar I proceeded to make my way through my starters enjoying every single mouthful. There isn’t much at Red hot that I don’t like but the great thing is you only choose what you do! I do try new things occasionally which sometimes are a revelation and sometimes are not. The great thing is that they are served in small tasting sized portions so you are not wasting much by giving it a try.


Elizabeth really enjoys Red Hot because she can be picky, her favourite on this trip was boiled rice and spaghetti bolognese cooked fresh for her. Alison is easier to please and once you drag her away from the olives she soon loads her plate full of tasty treats.

eventually we move onto the puddings section. Never something to tackle with a full stomach you will always find more that you need there and the recent addition of the chocolate fountain made it so much better. I was a bit indulgent when I placed the chocolate brownies on a skewer and then covered them in chocolate from the fountain. Indulgent but totally divine and something I will repeat. The girls enjoyed the jelly. ice cream and waffles and the teenagers, well they ate so much they both felt sick!

I can’t wait for the next few months to go by and November rolls round so we can go out again. Maybe this time we will get a babysitter and just go out by ourselves.