Reasons to visit Los Cabos in Mexico

I’ve always been a fan of travel and exploration. I want to visit as much of the world as I can taking in the cultures and experiences along the way. I’m privileged to have seen some beautiful places already but I’m already planning where I want to go to next. Of course, my list is extensive and growing but I’ve been looking more at more at the beautiful Los Cabos in Mexico. It’s not a place I had previously thought much about but as I am learning more and more about what it has to offer I am becoming more excited to embark on an adventure there.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos incorporates the towns San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Both towns are big tourist areas featuring championship golf courses, vibrant nightlife and relaxing and luxurious spas. Not to mention some of the most picturesque beaches with sea temperatures in the mid to late twenties (Celsius) all year round. There are some truly stunning vacation rentals in Los Cabos that would feel like an absolute luxury.

Los Cabos is so appealing to me as it is renowned for being a ‘sunny location’ averaging around 320 days of sunshine a year. It sounds like the absolute perfect location to catch some sun and escape the winter blues of England! I like the idea of taking some time out to completely unwind on a glorious beach soaking up some continuous rays of sunshine. If I’m honest I like that idea far more with the prospect that whilst I am relaxing it will more than likely be raining at home!

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas most excites me for its beautiful marina which often inhabits some of the most luxurious yachts. I just love the idea of admiring the different boats as they settle into the slips of the marina. There is a huge fishing crowd and boats can often be seen going in and out for some deep-sea fishing or just to explore the water. I’m interested to see Cabo San Lucas in the evening too as the town doesn’t stop when night falls and often attracts people far and wide purely for its nightlife scene.

San José del Cabo

San José del Cabo would probably be the part of Los Cabos I would spend the most time. It seems like a much more traditional Mexican town full of that culture I crave. It has a beautiful church that I would love to explore and learn more about. There is also a ‘downtown plaza’ which looks like a great place to do some shopping or enjoy a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants.

Down by the beach, there are some surfing hotspots where you can partake in some exciting water sports such as swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving – if you feel adventurous – or just enjoy the beauty of the water and sand.

The Tourist Corridor

Between San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas is what is known as The Tourist Corridor. Essentially a 20-mile connection between the two towns surrounded by what seems like some of the most beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez coastline. There are ample hotels and apartments along the way as well as some of the most stunning beaches.

Things to do

One of the things I find so appealing about Los Cabos is the extensive list of things to do. Although I love the idea of relaxing on a beach and completely ‘switching off’ I also like the feeling that I have successfully explored and taken part in activities whilst on holiday. Some of my absolute must do things are:

  • Off-Road Quad Biking – I like the idea of exploring the desert and getting a huge adrenaline rush on an off-road quad bike whilst absorbing the breath-taking views around me.
  • Parasailing – Spending an afternoon parasailing over Cabo San Lucas sounds like pure bliss and an experience I think I would struggle to top.
  • Whale Watching Boat Trips – For days where I want a break from the fear-inducing adventure I’d love to take a boat trip out to go whale watching in the hopes I would spot a humpback grey or blue whale. It’s so appealing to me to see wild animals in their natural environment not behind glass tanks or in enclosures.
  • Toda Santos – An hour away from Cabo San Lucas is Toda Santos which is said to hold some stunning colonial architecture which has got to be a must see!
  • Horseback Riding on the Beach – I can’t think of a better way to explore the beach than on trail ride!
  • Lover’s Beach – Los Cabos is home to many stunning beaches but the one on my must-see list has to be Lover’s Beach where you can get on a glass bottom boat and admire the fishes as the swim in the sea.

Travelling to Los Cabos

As Los Cabos is a large tourist area travelling there is quite easy with a number of different flights going in and out daily. The Los Cabos International airport is just north of San José del Cabo. At the airport, there are several different car rental companies which make hiring a car quite convenient. I like the idea of hiring a car for ease of getting around but there are good transport links like taxis and buses which are also an option.

Hopefully one day in the future I will get to tick everything off my Los Cabos wish list and I cannot wait! Have you ever been to Los Cabos, Mexico? Does it sound like a place you’d like to explore?