Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester 4D screening of Legends of Chima

I few weeks ago we were lucky enough to get invited to the preview event of the new 4D film being shown at Legoland Discovery Centre and Legoland Windsor.

The girls are Lego family ambassadors so they had previously received some Legends of Chima lego to play with so they were very much looking forward to seeing the characters Laval and Cragger in animation.

The short film did manage to give a very good back story to the new range as well as squeeze in quite a few of the lego products as well. I personally love the Speedorz sets and also Craggers boat which looks fantastic.

The 4D effects were very good in this film although if you are sat at the front their is quite a bit of spray so you do get wet more than in any of the other ones I have seen.

We always enjoy going to Legoland Discovery Centre, if only to sit and watch these shows. As much as we really enjoyed this one I know the girls will be upset when they realise that it has replaced the medieval film that used to be on. They always liked the dragon sneezing all over us.

We went along as part of Blogs Up North and it was really good to meet up with some of the other local bloggers.