KidZania – The perfect place to play (and work!)

If you have never heard of KidZania then you really are missing out or I suppose that should be that your kids are missing out. KidZania is a city run by kids and the whole ethos is letting them work to earn money. Entry into KidZania is for four hours and should always be booked in advance online to ensure you get the best price. Once inside KidZania each child is given 50 Kidzo’s (money) to use. They can spend their Kidzo’s taking part in some activities or earn more Kidzo’s doing other activities. At the end of their time they can head to the shop to spend their Kidzo’s on a souvenier or they can put it in the bank and earn interest on it for their next visit.

There are so many activities for the kids to take part in from police to fire men, delivery men to dentists. They can even take part in a play or be part of the audience. This was the second time we had visited and my girls had a better idea on what they wanted to do and were happy to go in their separate directions to take part in the various activities. Alison had great fun performing in the wizard of Oz and learning to be a vet whilst Elizabeth worked in the bank and became a detective. They both enjoyed being cabin crew and they even had a go in the Animation studio.

Children over the age of 8 do not need to have a grown up present so you can drop them off and go and do some shopping in Westfield. Unfortunately with children under this age or if you want to go in with them then you need to pay the adult entry fee which is the only downside. However there is good wifi and a Grown Up Shed where you can sit away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax. I actually managed to get a lot of work done in the four hours that my girls spent exploring the city and having fun and it seemed like the perfect use of my time during such a busy summer holidays.

Check out this video from the girls very first visit to KidZania.