ZhuZhu pets are back and as cute as ever

Now I don’t know about you but I remember the first time ZhuZhu pets became a popular children’s toy around 9 years ago. There were many variations that came after the first creations but it is great to see the original characters making a come back. We were sent some of the new ZhuZhu pet products from Spin Master to take a look at and see if my girls enjoyed playing with them.

We were sent Chunk and Pipsqueak. Chunk is the blue hamster and is described at the strong one in the group. He is a rodent of few words but when he does speak he gets right to the point. Pipsqueak is the yellow hamster and the unofficial leader of the ZhuZhu pets. Each of the ZhuZhu pets have a birth mark on their backs which represent their personalities. This is also where you push down on their backs to activate them.

Each of the ZhuZhu pets have very expressive faces that look great.  When activated the ZhuZhu pets make cute noises and move around the floor. Sometimes they move forward, sometimes backwards and sometimes they spin around. You never quite know where the ZhuZhu pets are off to and that just adds to the fun. Along with the characters you can also get a range of play sets.

The hamster wheel and tunnel play set is a great set to get started with. The play set comes in pieces but is easy to clip together.

I loved the fact that the top of tunnel allows the children to open it up if needed. I also like the fact that the ZhuZhu pets can zip up the tunnel and then play on the wheel without any interference. The Wheel and tunnel play set can be connected to other play sets if you have more than one.

We were also sent the hamster ball. This came in two parts and clicked together easily. It also came with a small plastic attachment that clips underneath the ZhuZhu pets and allows them to use the ball without slipping.

The ZhuZhu pets are just as cute as I remember and with the cartoon showing on Boomerang they are once again gaining popularity quickly and I can definitely see why.