One month until Just So Festival

After attending the Lost Carnival we held our breath in the hope that we would be selected to become Lost Carnival Bloggers and a few days ago I got the email. We are going to Just So Festival!

Now if the Lost Carnival is anything to go by we are really in for a treat and just looking at the website I know this will be unlike any other festival I have heard about.

To start getting prepared we need to decide which tribe we want to be in and we can choose from owls, foxes, stags, fish, frogs or lions. We then need to plan our outfits.

Just looking at the Just So website gets me excited and if a few hours at a Wild Rumpus event makes Alison smile like this I can’t wait to see what a weekend full of wonder will be like.

Tickets are still available and I would really recommend that you take a look as we think it will be amazing!