Murder Mystery, some good friends and staying strong

On Thursday night I headed into Manchester to the renaissance hotel for the #BGOMeetup 

We were in for a treat as more than 30 bloggers got together to help solve the mystery of the death of poor Lord John.

With the help of a fingerprint kit, some information about the characters and some special clue sheets such as a criminal record check, pocket search warrant and suspect question sheet we had to find out who the murderer was, why and how they did it. To make things difficult you didn’t have enough criminal record checks or pocket search warrants to check everyone so if you used them recklessly you ended up missing vital clues.

In this we failed miserably although we did have a how we completely missed the real culprit. In fact only one group out of three actually managed to find the real culprit and the other team put the same answer as us.

The evening was really fun and it was great to catch up with some blogging friends and meet some who I had never met before. We had a beautiful dinner and I tried to stick to my new Weight watchers diet as much as possible. I did eat some of the goats cheese that was served with my salad but the main meal was steak, potatoes and vegetables so that was ok. I had driven to the venue to prevent any wine intake and I was doing very well until the pudding. The smell of the chocolate sauce coming from the plates as it was served was so tempting and with all my willpower I asked the waiter to take it away before it had even touched the table cloth. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do and yet it was actually fairly easy at the same time. I have used going out to restaurants as excuses for weight gain in the past but now I realise that I just need to have more willpower and instead of choosing the item that I would really like to eat I can instead choose the one that is good for me to eat. I will see how that goes on Sunday when I head to Annies for dinner.