Enjoying History and Nature in Oxford

Most people who live in the United Kingdom fail to realize how big of a privilege it is to have a trip to Oxford at their disposal. There is far more to this city than just the world-renowned university that sits at its centre. This city is a haven for art lovers, nature aficionados and enthusiasts of history.
Christ Church CollegeOxford is a city of stone colleges. Among all the breathtaking architectural structures that characterize the city, Christ Church College is the one that truly stands out. Locally referred to as the “House”, this educational establishment is as aristocratic as any medieval castle, mansion or country house there is. For those of you who are not aware, scenes from one of the most popular movie series in the world, “Harry Potter”, were actually shot inside the premises of this age-old college. If that wasn’t a big enough incentive for you to pay a visit, then know that the famous author of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, was a teacher of mathematics here. You can drop by the chapel in the college, which also serves as the city’s cathedral. There are no admission charges for the chapel, but you do have to pay to be inside other parts of the Christ Church College. The best time to visit Christ Church College in Oxford would be on a winter afternoon.

The Botanic GardenThis is a must-visit place for anyone who has the slightest affinity for Mother Nature. It is located in the appropriately named Rose Lane near High Street and is the United Kingdom’s oldest botanic garden. If you are exhausted and worn out by all the travelling and touring, then this place is the perfect destination to have a relaxing and soothing experience. On the bone-chilling days of winter, the greenhouse in the botanic garden serves as a perfect refuge. The formal gardens are enriched with traditional herbal remedies for all.

Pitt Rivers Museum

This is the place for thrill-seekers who don’t mind a spooky experience once in a while. The Pitt Rivers Museum is home to over 20,000 objects that are of great scientific and cultural interest. You are promised to see things here that you will find nowhere else including ethnic masks, musical instruments, jewellery and items of clothing. You may even stumble upon terrifying shrunken human heads, scalp trophies and mummies.