Mario Party 10

I was a late comer to the Mario Party party (sorry, had to get that out of the way early).  You would think that 10 iterations in and I’d have more experience than the versions on the Wii, and now the Wii U.  So what is Mario Party 10? Well it’s very easy to describe the video game as a modern day board game for families.  There are 3 modes to choose from; Mario Party, Bowser party and Amiibo party.
The bread and butter mode is Mario Party, where 4 players (which can be all human or a mix with CPU) are placed in a vehicle and must roll a virtual dice to navigate their way across the board, which are littered various mini-games.
Anyone have a member of the family who’s a sore loser? Well playing the Bowser Party mode may be the cure to all your problems.  In our family, Elizabeth is the one who always has to win and whilst playing Mario Party 10, she would let us know when things weren’t going her way.  Fortunately, I explained to her that she could control Bowser with the Wii U gamepad and decide which players stand a chance of winning the mini games.
Another new feature is the Amiibo Party mode.  This is definitely the Nintendo game where the new Amiibo figures get used a lot.  The board layout for this mode is quite simple in comparison to the others, however, you’re constantly touching your Wii U gamepad with the actual figures to roll dice or change segments of the game boards appearance.
If you’re planning on playing with friends, then you need to ensure that plenty of Wii remotes to go around.  As ever it’s still an enjoyable experience when having a ‘family night in’ at the weekend.