Dog Bowl – Fabulous food and great family fun

This morning I purposely missed breakfast knowing that we had a booking at Dog Bowl for lunch at 12 o’clock. I had heard from lots of different sources about the amazing quality of the food so with a growling tummy and high expectations we arrived through the door to be greeted by fabulous decor and friendly staff.


We were overwhelmed with the choices and tempted to ask for one of everything but instead we all chose something different and believe me there wasn’t anything left over apart from a few scraps of Mac and Cheese that Elizabeth failed to eat. We also had pudding with me gorging myself on the Churros whilst Hubby had the brownie. He had to take Elizabeth to the toilet half way through and I may have eaten some of his whilst he wasn’t looking. Ok so it definitely wasn’t Slimming World friendly but it is now nine o’clock and the food I ate there was the only thing I have had all day as I am still stuffed. You may notice below that there are no pictures of our puddings. We were half way through them with chocolate sauce dripping from our chins before I had even thought of reaching for my camera and by then it was not such a pretty sight.

Everything that came to our table was made in Dog Bowl, including the mayonnaise and tomato sauce.


This Ketchup is yummy it tastes like spaghetti sauce – Elizabeth

With our jeans fit to burst, it was time to strut our stuff on the bowling lane. The first thing that impressed me is that they do kids shoes all the way down to a childs size 7. Now that is really rare in bowling alleys and it is great that they have thought about the young families who would love to come along. The next thing is the balls, following in true Black Dog Ballroom style all the bowling balls look like American Pool balls. The decor is fantastic throughout with the dog moulding about the ball returner and lots of comfortable seating available.

There are four ramps between five lanes for young kids and the lanes allow the sides to be raised and lowered electronically per player add to that an alarm that lets you know when you have gone over the line and it allows a real family game to take place.


The girls love bowling but we don’t go very often because of the flashing lights of the arcade games and the poor quality food at most corporate bowling alleys. Now we have found somewhere that not only satisfies the appetite but is also family friendly and easy to get to. A family day out at the bowling alley may become more of a regular occasion.