George has changed

On Tuesday before I took Elizabeth into hospital I went to visit an old friend called George.

I haven’t seen George in a few years and he has changed an awful lot. He has lots of different personality types now and he is a lot more versatile than he ever was before.

Being on Slimming World means that George is even more welcome in my house than he was before so I took him home. I chose the easy to clean George who has removable plates and he loves cooking. My George can even make cheese on toast!

The event we went to was organised by Mumsnet and it was attended by three other bloggers (Helpful Mum, Bewildered Bug and Not even a bag of sugar) and then some Mumsnet forum users. It was an experience being at an event that wasn’t wholly for bloggers because as bloggers we have attended these sorts of events before. We know how they work and what we get out of going to them.

The event itself was really good as they had a chef show us a few of the different things that you can cook on a George Foreman grill. I was amazed to see her cook homemade spring rolls, apple strudel as well as chicken, turkey, duck and burgers. In fact that amount of things she cooked was mind boggling and we even got a chance to try our hands at cooking with George before we left.  

I am looking forward to cooking with my George over the next few days and then I will review him for you over in my review section and I will also have a George to give away to one lucky reader.