Disney on Ice – Let’s party!

Wow what a day we had yesterday.

As I wrote in another post we were very luck to be given Disney on Ice Let’s Party! tickets to see the show in Liverpool. We had some great seats and the girls absolutely loved it.

Elizabeth decided she wanted to dress up to go along so she wore her new Belle costume that we got for World Book Day this week. She looked gorgeous but was disappointed when we found her tiara had snapped in the bottom of the dressing up box.

We were very lucky though because when we arrived at Echo arena we found that they had a few light up tiaras available. They were £10 but it fitted nicely and she loved it so I couldn’t say no. She also bought herself a horse out of her pocket money, it was only a plastic horse but it was pearlescent and pink and she thought it was the cutest thing she had ever seen. Alison chose a light up Buzz Lightyear sword for £15 and some Mickey mouse binoculars for £8 which were all used at some point. The merchandise came with a two year guarantee which I thought was really good just in case accidents happened as they tended to do with light up items.

The whole show was focused on different types of celebrations around the world from the big ones like Christmas, Valentines day and Halloween to things like Mardi Gras in New Orleans, a Hawaiian luau and carnival in Brazil.

It was definitely a huge celebration. Below is a small snippet of the video and photos that we took just to let you see the amazing production that they put on as well as the unbelievable ice skating.

The show is heading over to Sheffield next for 8th to 10th March and then to Nottingham for 14th to 17th March.

We can’t wait for the next show to come up this way.