Starting school

Many of you know that Elizabeth started school last week. She had an amazing week and settled in really well, she has quickly made friends and was in for four full days. I am so proud of how she has taken to the new routine and she is even good at getting up and getting ready which was one of the things that worried me.

I have come up with a problem though. I bought her school uniform in July last year. Her body has changed a lot since then. Her weight has fluctuated and changed shape, she has grown 15cm since August and her feet have grown. I didnt know any of this before I dressed her in her brand new school uniform last week. I ended up putting her in some of Alison’s clothes particularly her skirts as Elizabeth’s were falling down.

I have managed to grab some new uniform but now I have to get her some new shoes. Brand new shoes that can’t be worn because her feet are too big and everyone said how cute they were.

Due to her ankles still being really weak I need to get her some decent ones and I was looking at Start-Rite shoes They do look expensive but they also look solid and of a high quality. My only concern is if she has grown so much in 6 months how much more is she going to grow before the end of the school year. I don’t really want to spend a lot on shoes that she won’t be able to wear in a few months.

I also need to get Alison some new ones. She usually wears her green converse as the school are not that strict in the nursery class but she has taken to pulling the laces out and the teachers are fed up with having to re-lace them. I pulled out her old trainers only to find that they had holes in them. I am not sure when that happened but I know the last time I put them on her they didn’t have any holes.

Elizabeth loves girly pretty shoes but when it comes to Alison there is not a chance that a shoe she wears has a flower or a bow or anything remotely girly on it. She wears boys trainers all the time but I really want to get her to have some smart shoes for school as well as some trainers to replace the broken ones.

Three pairs of kids shoes in one week. It is bound to be expensive.

Where do you buy your kids shoes from?