Butlins Wave Hotel

You may have noticed I have been away for the last week, then again maybe you didn’t but we just spent the week doing some amazing things. We went to Lollibop, we stayed at Butlins and we went to Paultons park to visit Peppa Pig world. All this because one little girl was turning 3.I have already written about going to Lollibop and this time it is Butlins turn. The entertainment was as amazing as ever but the highlight to this week was staying in the Wave hotel. Below is a quick video review but first I wanted to tell you about a few things that didn’t make it into the review. First is the staff, our old friend Chris from the Coast restaurant is now a Duty Manager at the Wave and nothing was too much trouble but then nothing was too much trouble for any of the reception staff. In fact one of them had that written underneath their name on their badge.

To give you an example of how helpful they are we went to Butlins without wrapping Alison’s presents. I also forgot to take sticky tape or scissors. I popped down to reception to borrow some and they didnt have any sticky tape there rather than give up the lovely lady phoned all the other hotels and then guest services who had some. She even offered to get someone to bring it over but I decided to walk across instead.

The second thing that didn’t make it into the video review is the Urinal Games, now I really wanted to go in there with a water gun and have a go but there just wasn’t the opportunity for me to do that. I did however have a sneak in to have a look at it after hearing from the hubby how cool it is. Chris even said it meant that the toilets were a lot cleaner as the men tended to aim a bit better.

So here is my very first video review