Warner Bros. UltraViolet

When ever I go on holiday my laptop and phone come with me. The girls would also love it if our whole dvd collection came with us too. We have dvd players in the car but when we are staying at someones house or even at a hotel it is always good to have something that they can watch without taking control of the tv. When I was at Britmums Live I met up with the lovely ladies of Warner Bros. who despite my dreadful hangover managed to help me to set up a Flixster account. They also gave me some amazing dvds including Happy Feet 2.

It wasnt until I got home (and was no longer hungover) that I actually had a look at what it was all about. Warner Bros. have started to add digital copies to their dvd bluray combinations. Warner Bros. use UltraViolet as a digital format which is great because it means you can use it on an android phone as well as on your pc. The thing I love most is that my Flixster account is available online as well as via the application on my desktop which means that even if I dont have my laptop I can always access the internet to watch the films with the girls instead. I also love the fact that you can access the digital copy without an internet connection with the option of being able to download the films.

The best thing about UV is that it enables you to future proof your film collection, so if discs get scratched, snapped or drawn on by little ones, you are still able to watch the film again and again

I cant wait to get more films to add to my UltraViolet library.