Bubble Bum Junkie – Organisation for the car

We are huge fans of our Bubble Bums and whenever we travel abroad we always take them with us to save us money on car seats when hiring a car. When I heard that the makers of Bubble Bums were bringing out a new product I was very excited and when I actually got to see the Junkie in action I knew that this was a product that my husband, in particular, would love.

junkie closed

The Junkie by Bubble Bum is a back seat organisation system. It gets strapped  on to the middle seat using the seat belt and the attachments on the back of the Junkie. junkie seat belt

The Junkie comes folded up and unfolds by releasing the clips on the side. You then open up the side compartments and lower the yellow bottom that holds the Junkie open. You then insert the bag which fits nicely and has two different types of pockets. It includes an insulated zip closed area and an open area for placing rubbish or other objects.

The Junkie also features two cup holders, which are really useful especially as our current car doesn’t have any in the back, and fold out trays which are great for the kids to eat off or to play games on.

Junkie bottle holders

One of the things the girls love is the ipad holder which means that they can watch a film together and there is no arguments about who is holding the ipad.

Junkie ipad holder

So not only does the Junkie keep the back seat organised but it also allows you to take the rubbish out of the car easily with the removable storage bag. Fill the insulated zippable pocket with snacks at the start of your journey and take the bag out of the car full of all of the rubbish at the end of your journey.

junkie removable bag

There are not many objects that I can say help to make my marriage happier but I can definitely see the Junkie having a positive effect on my husbands mood at the end of a long car journey when the back seat doesnt look like a rubbish tip and the footwells are not filled with empty packets and drink bottles.