Beefeater – feeding the kids and keeping them happy

A few weeks ago we headed along to our local Beefeater to have a look at the childrens menu. This summer each meal purchased from the kids menu comes with a free Mr Men or Little Miss toy as well as a summer fun booklet to keep the children entertained.
The price of the kids menu is really reasonable and the ability to select how many courses you want is great. For starters the girls selected the Veggie sticks with sour cream and chive dip and the Cheesy Nachoes with tangy tomato salsa.
The portion sizes for a starter were perfect and the girls enjoyed eating them whilst waiting for their main courses. With ten choices the kids menu is extensive without being too overwhelming and the ability to pick and choose between the sides means that kids really do get what they want, such as steak, beans and veg sticks!
The puddings are always something to look forward too and the Beefeater kids menu manages to cater for a wide range of tastes with traditional puddings such as jelly and ice cream and a fresh fruit salad as well as their mini chocolate challenge, cookies and ice cream and Alison’s favourite the Funny Face Sundae.
The girls managed to eat their way through the three courses and really enjoyed them. I love the fact that there are so many opportunities for the kids to have vegetables and fruit and the girls like that too. There is definitely a place for burgers and chicken nuggets on a kids menu but having steak available was a real treat for them as this is something that Alison loves when we cook it at home. I was really happy to see that they have taken into consideration the fact that some children will have different tastes and dont just want the same old kids meals all the time.

The Mr Men and Little Miss Toys that come with the meal are molded plastic figures of some of the favourite characters. The girls had fun playing with these in between courses and it is a nice idea to give them a little something to take away with them.

We all really enjoyed the meal at the Beefeater and we will definitely be returning soon for more fun family meals.