Wreck It Ralph 3DS game


Wreck It Ralph is now Alison’s favourite film so when we unexpectedly received the Wreck It Ralph 3DS game she was over the moon.

A great easy to play platform game that has Alison changing between Fix it Felix and Wreck it Ralph. Ralph is great at breaking things and Felix is good at jumping so she has to choose the right person to do the task in hand.

The game is not based on the film but is a story extension. The game picks up where the movie leaves off as Ralph partners with Fix-It Felix and sets out to save their friends and home from a huge Cy-Bug invasion.  Pounding through all-new levels in the “Wreck-It Ralph” universe, like Sugar Rush, Hero’s Duty, and Fix-It Felix, Jr., players will have to use Ralph’s destructive strength to beat by the Cy-Bugs, while switching back to Felix to repair the damage.

The girls really enjoy playing this game and as a 3+ game it is easy enough for them too. You can buy the game from amazon.

We received this for the purpose of this review