A coat for all weather

Living in Manchester means that no matter how hot it is outside or how lovely it looks there is always a chance of rain. Mancunians tend to carry an umbrella in their tiny handbags whilst walking around in a bikini top and mini skirt. We do live in the rainy city after all.

We always take rain coats with us even on the hottest days but with the lack of summer last year I think we need something a bit different this year.

I was looking at this gorgeous 3 in 1 jacket on the Millets website. With a pink fleece insert that I know Elizabeth would love and a waterproof outer in my favourite colour it will keep her warm and dry.

The thing I love most is that the bits can be worn separately or together so it is a truly versatile coat. The fleece looks so soft and cuddly and it has loads of pockets which always seems to please the girls when they are hunting for places to stash things. The pockets will also mean that my handbag won’t be full of sweet wrappers, snotty tissues and goodness knows what else.

I also need to find a new one for Alison though and that means green which unfortunately limits what I can get her. I need something both warm and waterproof but as green as I can get it.

I will have to go on the hunt some more to see if I can find one but do give me a shout if you see one anywhere.