Woolly and Tig by Golden Bear

These friends here arrived last week and they have been everywhere with us since.

Elizabeth chose the jumbo bedtime snuggle Woolly, Alison chose the small poseable talking Woolly and we gave the smaller soft toy Woolly to a friend who we met for lunch on Saturday.

We went out to a local pub restaurant and the girls took their Woolly’s with them. We also took the Pick n Match Pairs game which confusingly didn’t come with any instructions so we played snap with them instead.

Never have I seen toys get such recognition and response from members of the public. In the few hours that we were there we were approached not just by other children who wanted to come and see Woolly but also by adults begging to know where we had got them from.

Trying to explain that they are not available yet but that you can pre-order them online at Amazon resulted in some very confused looks and a blatant “well how come you have one then?” question.

Woolly was not only popular but he is fantastically well made. The large cuddly Woolly is so soft that Elizabeth has used him as a pillow as well as a cuddly toy and he now resides on her bed. Alison loves the poseable talking Woolly, my only concern is that you can’t replace the batteries when it has worn out which is a shame. Alison knows all of Woolly’s phrases already and is now heard to walk around the house going “one rubberdubber, two rubberdubber, three rubberdubber”.

All in all fabulous toys that really have helped bring the Woolly and Tig program to life and I can imagine lots of happy children will soon be snuggling their very own Woolly.