Getting the right sofa for your home

After spending hour upon hour and quite probably thousands of pounds redecorating your living room, one of the most important items that you should consider is of course what kind of sofa you want for your home.

Though this particular aspect of redecoration may not seem particularly important, the fact is that depending on what type of sofa you chose for your home, your choice could spell rejoice or rejection.

So what kind of sofa suits you?

Chesterfield Sofa

If you enjoy a more traditional décor for your home, then this is where a Chesterfield sofa would come into play.

Originally named after the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope, the sofa was highly popular in and around stately homes around the 18th century.

As you can imagine, the Chesterfield sofa therefore suits a more spacious home and is known to complement parquet flooring with a wonderful sense of ease.

Great for parties, if you are looking to impress in your new home, then a Chesterfield sofa from could well be the right sofa for you and your home.

Corner Sofas

If you enjoy lounging around a little more than you enjoy the finer things in life, the great news is that the primary function of a corner sofa is to provide the greatest quality of comfort imaginable – and lots of it.

Like the Chesterfield sofa however, a corner sofa may only work well in a spacious living room or conservatory.

With that in mind, another aspect of a corner sofa is simply that they are brilliant for homes which contain large families. Thanks to their unique shape, you can easily fit two full grown adults or four children laid out at once.

Though a corner sofa may not suit the formal occasion of a dinner party, they are simply great for getting a takeaway, renting a film and relaxing.

Leather Sofas

If you enjoy a modern or contemporary décor (there is a difference), then the sofa that is most likely to suit your home is of course the leather sofa.

Having enjoyed a stable popularity throughout the ever changing trends of life, today you are likely to see leather sofas in homes that enjoy minimalism, glass tables and open spaces.

As well as being wonderfully fashionable, a leather sofa is of course one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture to have in the home. Whether that is large or small, a leather sofa is also perfect for small children who simply love spilling food and drink over themselves; a clean-up operation on a leather sofa after all, takes only a few minutes.

Fabric Sofas

Possibly the most popular kinds of sofa on the market, a fabric sofa is welcomed into nearly every home for its comfort, wide range of available styles and ability to fit within almost any type of décor; from contemporary all the way through to rustic design.

Available in a whole host of sizes, the fabric sofa really does have universal appeal and thanks to its softness, the sofa is great for children who just love lounging around after a hard day at school.

So many sofa styles to choose from. Personally I love leather sofa’s if you have kids but they can be cold or sticky. We went for a super soft fabric one that has stain guard on it so even if the worst does happen we can just clean it off. A sofa is a big part of your life and if you choose the wrong one you will regret it so think carefully about what you really need as well as how much it fits in with the décor of your room.