Will your kids have Frozen Fever? Frozen Snow Spray Sleeve by Flair

Unless you have been living under a frost covered rock somewhere you will be aware that the new Frozen short film Frozen Fever is due out on the 27th March and kids everywhere will be doning their Elsa dresses and storming the cinemas. We are expecting even more catchy songs that we will hear none stop for the next few months and lots more of our favourite characters.

Even though Frozen toys are a bit like gold dust we have been very lucky to be sent a Rubies Classic Queen Elsa Dress and Flairs Elsa’s Magic Snow Sleeve which I fell in love with at the Toy Fair back in January.

Elsa’s Magic Snow Sleeve comes with a beautiful sleeve with a loop to fit over the middle finger and hold it in place this was really easy to put on and take off. It also comes with a holder, one can of white “snow” which is silly string and an empty blue container that you can fill with water. The canister and water container are really easy to install and are just pushed into the space, just make sure the top is in the right position.
Place the snow sleeve as shown below. If it is too far back it wont spray which is what happened when we were filming.
We did have some issues to begin with as Elizabeth liked to adjust the holder further down her arm which meant it wouldn’t spray but with a bit of practice she soon got the hang of it. Elsa’s Magic Snow Sleeve is great for all children who wished they had her magic powers and want to cover everything in snow.
I am glad that Elsa’s Magic Snow Sleeve comes with a water container as the Silly String was so popular we soon ran out. I have yet to find out if a standard can of silly string would work but looking at the size it looks like it will. Just don’t lose the top of the original can as this can be placed on replacement cans.

We absolutely loved Elsa’s Magic Snow Sleeve and I am sure it will continue to be popular, it is currently in the bathroom where the water canister and holder is making bath time a lot more fun and the floor a lot wetter.