What To Choose?

A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to spend £50 on the Zalando website.

Sounds easy doesnt it. Unfortunately everytime I looked I found too many things to buy.

I was thinking of just spending it all on me but then I would have felt guilty and the girls really do need some new tshirts for the summer.

I had a look through their girls tops section and I fell in love with all of the fabulous character clothing that they had. My girls tend to wear something more often if it has a character that they love on it so with them sat either side of me we went through and chose these three items.


Alison was really happy when her green teddy tshirt arrived and she gave the stickers to Elizabeth because apparently they were too girly.

I love Care bears and I grew up watching them so I am really happy that Alison fell in love with this tshirt.


Elizabeth wanted to wear her Lego Friends tshirt straight away and proceeded to wear it whilst building her latest Lego Friends set.

The site was really easy to use and is definitely somewhere I will look to shop at in the future.