Mums Show Live

Friday morning was another early start for me as I sneaked out of the house whilst everyone was asleep to journey back down to London.

I was on my way to Mums Show live to meet up with some fellow bloggers, catch up with some of my brand contacts and to generally see what it was all about.

I had arrange to meet Boo from at Kings Cross station and we were going to journey up to Alexandra palace together.

Using my amazing iPhone 5’s sense of direction we may have got slightly lost in Alexandra Park, muddy paths, lots of trees and a very large incline to where we needed to be. We soon found ourselves using a little bit too much energy on the steep hill up to the event and I was thankful that I had flat shoes on, a quick glance at Boo and I realised that she was not quite as prepared for our outdoor jaunt as I was. Sorry about that boo.

On arrival at Mums Show Live we went straight to the press room expecting it to be buzzing but unfortunately that was not the case. It seemed that a lot of people couldn’t make it. I dropped myself in it by offering to stand in on one of the sessions that wouldn’t have been run due to absence and so I found myself hosting a talk on Advanced Blogging at 1:30 in the afternoon.

I think we must have been there on an off day as it was very quiet but that just meant that we had more chance to mingle and talk with all the lovely brands as well catch up with some of my favourite redcoats who were there with Billy bear to entertain the non existent children.

It was lovely meeting new people, seeing all the up and coming toys and getting to eat fudge, lots of fudge.

My newly acquired session went well and I had really good feedback from the attendees afterwards which has given me more confidence about the format of Blog On and I now know it will be a success.

We came away from Mums Show Live with lots of goodies and the girls were happy when I shared out all the bits that I had managed to pick up from the different stalls. A special thank you to UKmumsTV who gave me some trash pack for Alison and to National Geographic for kids who gave me a magazine for Elizabeth. Both girls forgave me for leaving them for the day when they woke up to their special surprises.