Wenlock comes to Manchester

I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of the Olympics, first they take up far too much TV time second they are costing the country a lot of money when people are really struggling. I wasn’t going to get the girls involved in the Olympics but being a childminder I have gradually given in and made medals and we have done races and who can behave the best competitions to win little plastic gold medals. In fact I have done anything to try to make the kids behave as the endless rain lashes down on us in Manchester. We have also visited McDonalds far too much to collect the new glasses and the girls have been collecting the Olympic mascot toys from the happy meals.

So when I was offered a big cuddly Wenlock I decided for once to ask the kids, Alison say the picture and with the cutest little smiles said “please mummy I want to give it cuddles”. IT?! see even she doesn’t really know what it is but I have to say it is pretty cool. I love the different colour bracelets that Wenlock is wearing and the quality of the plush is brilliant.

To show you how much Alison is enjoying Wenlock here is a super cute adorable photo.

There are a lot of different Olympic souvenirs available out there and golden Bear really do seem to take the time to ensure that the quality of these products is as high as possible. They have also created a great range to suit all budgets and have included Mandeville as well which is unusual.