Sweet Mandarin Dipping Sauces

Living in Manchester and enjoying food you soon hear about Sweet Mandarin, definitely the best Chinese restaurant that I have ever been too and Gordon Ramsey thought the same.

Well I was very excited to hear about there new range of dipping sauces and over the past month I have been using them on whatever I can. From a lovely sweet BBQ sauce that I find absolutely divine on a smoked bacon sandwich to Sweet Chilli Sauce that I actually spread in my cheese and ham sandwiches these sauces have been dipped into spread, poured and basically I am now writing this review because they are all gone and I am sad. So sad in fact that I am trying to find a quiet weekend at some point in my busy blogging life to go back to Sweet Mandarin for a meal and to buy some more sauces.

So whats my favourite of the three sauces, actually that is quite hard, all the sauces are a lot sweeter than any alternative I have tasted in the supermarkets and my only real down point was there was not enough burn in the sweet chilli sauce (but then I love Scotch Bonnet peppers so maybe I am just mad). The Sweet and Sour sauce is amazing with chips or poured all over noodles and the BBQ was the one that got emptied quickest as it is so versatile.

If you love chinese food I would say you just have to give these a go as they will add that special something to your meals.