WallCreate Canvas

Sometimes I get sent a product that I want to love but just can’t and unfortunately this is one of those products. Over the years I have been blogging I have reviewed lots of different canvas prints and they are hanging up around my house but this one fails to inspire me to write nicely about it.
I didnt actually use the Wallcreate.com website to create my canvas so I can no comment on the order process instead I emailed the picture above to them to place on the canvas.

Although the print quality was actually pretty good I found myself disappointed in the was it was finished. In the top photo to the right and side of Hubby’s head you can see a line in the canvas that has been made by the frame. and on the top left corner you can see where there is a bump where the canvas was not folded neatly in the corner.

Turning the canvas over you can see bumps in the canvas where it was not smoothed down properly before being stapled to the wooden frame at the top right, top middle and bottom right. I was also disappointed to see that the wall hanging screws were taped to the frame but that no holes had been placed into the frame to make this easy to hang and no wire or string was provided to help with this.

We were sent the 30cm by 40cm photo canvas which currently retails at under £20 which does make it a cheap canvas and it could be a good gift for someone but I find myself loath to recommend it in comparison to the other canvas prints we have received.