Tree Fu Tom Magic Sapstone belt and Holopax set 

Using all the big world magic I can muster I tried over and over again to get the Magic Saptone belt filled with Tree Fu Magic. Unfortunately I failed miserably until I realised that it doesn’t come with batteries included. With a turn of my hand and some batteries inserted it was time to do some more tree fu.

The Magic Sapstone belt fills with Tree Fu magic by performing a special sequence of magic action-movements (known as Tree Fu). Sometimes it seems to take an awful lot of Tree Fu to get the light to light up but we soon worked out that the longer you move the longer the light will stay on. Alison is a big Tree Fu Tom fan and loves joining in with the Tree Fu exercises as they are done in the episodes. We did find that the Tree Fu in the episodes isn’t enough to light up the belt but that doesn’t take away Alison’s love of the belt.  

As a parent I would have loved the belt to have something else, maybe sound effects or music. I suppose the whole point is that the children can use their imaginations and perform the actions themselves but it just seems a little bit too basic for the tastes of some children. For example the Holopax in the set is purely for decoration purposes and is just to add to the overall effect of the belt. It doesn’t open or do anything at all. Elizabeth was a bit disappointed in this but I suppose this is more of a dress up item than a toy and together with the belt it does make a Tree Fu Tom costume fairly easy to throw together.

When Elizabeth saw the belt and holopax in the box she became very excited, it obviously looked pretty cool but after a quick play and nothing happening she soon got bored with fiddling with it but was happy to wear it.

This is one of those toys where I am in two minds about what I think. I love the fact that it gets the children doing exercise and using their imaginations and I love the price but I still wish for a little bit more. If you have a Tree Fu Tom fan who would love to dress up as Tom and is constantly doing Tree Fu then this will be perfect for them and it won’t break the bank either.

we received this for the purpose of this review