Pocket Pets by Wow toys


RSPCA Pocket pets are the only impulse purchase product aimed at under 3s. Made by Wow toys the quality is superb and it is a great collectable for the younger audience.

I love the activity sheets that come with the different animals. With colouring in, dot to dots and a story it gives the children something extra to do than just play with the toy.


Each pack contains one animal figure plus an RSPCA fun activity sheet.  This includes fun activities such as dot-to-dot, colouring in, an RSPCA cartoon and information aimed at teaching young children about animal welfare. The RSPCA cartoon and information sections explain the importance of animal welfare by listing the 5 main animal welfare needs and the activity sheet’s cute cartoon details the story of Farmer Bill and Nasty Nick, a fun story clearly explaining how children can be conscious of animal welfare. There are 6 animals to collect in this series: Pippi the pooch, Socks the cat, Clarissa the cow, Patch the pig, Wiggles the Dalmatian and Jenny the horse.  Priced at £1.99 and with a donation going to the RSPCA with every purchase you are helping a good cause whilst giving in to pester power.

We received this for the purpose of this review