Top Toys – Kinetic Sand

Now varieties of mouldable sand have been around for a few years so what makes Kinetic Sand appear in my Top Toys recommendations for 2015? I will be perfectly honest with you and say that this is a purely selfish parental recommendation.

Kinetic Sand comes with a tray!!!! That’s right in the box you get four moulds, a bag of kinetic sand and a tray to keep it all neat and tidy. My girls played with this together and still managed to not get it all over the place which to me is a huge reason for my recommendation.

Now the set we were sent came with a bag that contained 454g of kinetic sand and the four molds. The sand is highly addictive to play with and unless you have felt it you won’t quite understand what I mean, but both myself and my kids loved picking it up and letting it run through our fingers into the tray.
Now I would normally reserve modelling materials as presents for the children of people I don’t really like but even I will be placing more kinetic sand on the girls Christmas lists as they are desperate for some other colours.
I left the sand out for over four weeks to see if the claim that it won’t dry out was true and it hasn’t dried out yet. I have now however stored it in a resealable sandwich bag to help keep it all together.

If your kids love modelling materials but you are fed up with the mess then Kinetic Sand is the Christmas toy for you.