Top Toys – Flutterbye Flying Unicorn

Elizabeth has always been lightly obsessed with the Flutterbye fairy range and I have to say I have always been slightly disappointed with them until now. The Flutterbye Flying Unicorn seems to have a lot more balance and stability which makes flying it a pleasure.
The Flutterbye Unicorn base takes 6 AA batteries and the attached lead then plugs into the Unicorn to charge it. Each charge takes around 30-45 minutes and allows the Unicorn to fly for 4 minutes straight although we found that we flew her in bursts so it lasted longer.
The Unicorn is launched by pressing the button on top of the base and it is maneuvered by placing your hand underneath it. You have to try not to do this too close to the Unicorn as the back draft can cause the Unicorn to fly too high and hit the ceiling. The Unicorn is only to be flown inside and I would recommend that this is in a room without any breakables just in case. It is also recommended that any long hair is tied back to prevent it getting caught in the Unicorns wings.

Our Flutterbye Unicorn has been played with a lot since it came into the house a few weeks ago and the girls have really got the hang of being able to fly it successfully.

This is a great toy for those who still believe in magic and would like to be able to control their own Unicorn with just the power of their hand!