Top Toy – Club Petz Blu Blu Dolphin

Blu Blu the Baby Dolphin appeared on Elizabeth’s Christmas list last year and was one of those products that were sold out everywhere I looked when I was doing my Christmas shopping so I jumped at the chance to get one to review. Blu Blu is part of the Club Petz range by IMC toys and although not the main one on offer for 2015 I thought that it was a good opportunity to show you the quality of the IMC Toys Club Petz range.  This year the main Club Petz on sale is Kao Kao the Koala which works in a similar way to Blu Blu the baby dolphin.
Blu Blu the Baby Dolphin came with two accessories, a dummy and a fish. She also has contact points on her head and her left flipper. She takes 4 AA batteries which are easy to replace.
Bu Blu moves her mouth and eyes as well as making a variety of different sounds depending on whether you are stroking her, feeding her or giving her the dummy. Blu Blu as hard eyes and battery pack but is still soft and cuddly enough to be taken to bed which is where she is now with Elizabeth.

The Stitching and attention to detail is absolutely fantastic and she is a really good size too. The noises she makes are reminiscent of the noises a dolphin should make and she isnt too loud or overly annoying which is always good from a parental point of view.

If you children are after one of these animatronic pets I would definitely look at the Club Petz range rather than other ranges due to the quality of the plush.