Hasbro’s Toilet Trouble – flushing, squirting, gushing game

We love playing family games and if you have young kids then you know that they love toilet humour so when Hasbro offered us the new Toilet Trouble game I knew it would go down well with at least two members of our family.

Luckily for us Toilet Trouble does not involve too much toilet humour although it does involve an actual toilet! When you take the Toilet Trouble game out of the box you need to slot it all together. Once built the toilet no longer fits in the box which is slightly annoying but it also looks fantastic.

The game is very simple. You take it in turns to turn the toilet roll and then flush the flusher the amount of times shown on the toilet roll.

To aim of the game is not to get splashed. As you flush the toilet it will occasionally squirt out water which means that you are out of the game. The winner is the person who is left dry at the end.

The concept of this game is simple and easy for kids to understand. Obviously as a parent I was wary about the water and the toilet does actually hold quite a bit but the base is stable and big enough that any little splashes are contained.

The Toilet Trouble game is really good fun and the water comes out in a fine mist spray so it wont get everywhere and is just enough to let the person who flushed know that they are out without getting them soaked. The girls have both really enjoyed playing this game and it is easy for them to set up themselves. You just need to be aware that you must ensure that there is no water left inside the game when you pack it away as it will go mouldy quickly if there is stagnant water left in there.

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