#TMOTXmasTombola prizes Thorntons Chocolates


When I was sent four boxes of Thorntons chocolates but I was only allowed to eat one it was torture. How could I decide which one to have?

After some investigation I realised that all three kinds of chocolates actually had the same fillings and the only difference was the chocolate on the outside. With this in mind I selected the Dark selection. I love good quality dark chocolate so thought this would be the one I enjoyed most.

I have never really been a fan of Thorntons for myself although I do shop from there for the girls and for presents but when free chocolate is placed in front of you then you have to eat it, otherwise what sort of a women would you be.

With a variety of flavours some I enjoy and some I don’t I ended up sharing the box with the girls who soon helped me get rid of all the fruit flavoured chocolates whilst I tucked into the chewy ones and the coffee ones.

All in all it was an enjoyable experience and one I have had to avoid ever since. I am looking forward to my #TMOTXmasTombola finishing so I can get the temptation out of my house.