Personalised presents

I am a complete pain in the back side to buy for. I admit it. In fact even if I was given money and told to buy myself something I couldn’t even think of what to buy. When Hubby was harassing me about Christmas presents and asking for some ideas I told him I want something personal, something that is only for me and something that will make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I was obviously thinking of a very large box of alcoholic hotel chocolat.

However it did get me thinking about what other personal presents you can get and no I am not talking lingerie. The girls are both at the stage where they are getting more experimental with their drawings and they are also growing up way to fast so a nice photo gift or piece of wall art would be great.

I have taken so many photos throughout the year that I think a photo calendar would be perfect for me. We all need a decent calendar and mine gets used loads so I can just see myself smiling at the pictures each time I look. This could be a great gift for anyone as you just need to find pictures that they like. Whether it is different flowers, motorbikes or cats doing stupid things. Photobox have a sale on calendars at the moment but only until 14th November so you will have to be quick but it would make a great low cost gift.

I also love the idea of getting a frame and framing some of the girls artwork to go on the wall, especially if they drew or painted a picture as a present. Another idea is to get a box frame and get the girls to decorate it and find some Christmassy things to go inside. This would work well for holly, tinsel and even some baubles.

I think that the most important part of a Christmas present is the thought involved. It could be handmade, it could be from a pound shop and it could even be a piece of paper with a promise on it. I think the reason I am so hard to buy for is because I don’t like people wasting their money on commercialisation at Christmas and would much rather we went back to basics and started to put more thought into our gifts.

I will be writing a post soon about my ideas for the girls for Christmas and hopefully you can help me with some ideas for more ways of making Christmas more personal and less commercial

What would be your ideal personal gift?
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