Tickle Me Elmo

My girls may be a bit old for Sesame Street but I don’t think anyone is too old for Elmo and the new Tickle Me Elmo from Sambro is super cute.

Tickle Me Elmo is suitable for children aged 3 plus and uses 2 AA batteries. It comes with batteries pre installed and has an off, on and demo switch. Elmo has three sensors on his hands and his tummy. When tickled Elmo say one of twenty phrases or giggles which are really cute.

Elmo Laughs and says:

” Elmo’s toes are too ticklish for that”
” Oh Boy”
“This is Fun”
“Oh boy! Elmo loved that”
“More, more, more! Elmo loves being tickled”
“Elmo wants to do that again!”
“Wow, that tickles!”
“Again, do it again!”

As well as the phrases he also wiggles and jiggles as he giggles which is great for making the younger kids laugh as they hug him.

Measuring 18 inches from top to bottom he is a great size for a preschool child. He is very cuddly and soft to touch and is just begging to be cuddled. Although do bear in mind that he has plastic eyes which can be quite hard so they might not be the best thing for bedtime.

I love the fact that Elmo is still so popular after all of these years and seeing Sambro bring out a new version for the kids of today to hug and tickle makes me really happy.

You can buy him from all good toy stores including Amazon using the link below (affiliate link)

[amazon_link asins=’B076KC58YW’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’tirmumoftwo-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’8a8b0632-d30a-11e7-84a3-eb809337ce48′]