Power Rangers Ninja Steel 12 days of Christmas

Over the last 12 days we have been opening a different package from the Power Rangers Ninja Steel range that have been sent to us from Bandai. The Power Rangers Ninja Steel range has something for every price range and I was sent a range of items in different price points.

Each day we got to open one of the packages from Bandai to see what Power Rangers Ninja Steel product we were gifted.

Day One – 12.5cm Action Figures (RRP £9.99)

These 12.5cm action figures are available as Power Rangers and Villians are are a great price to enable you to collect them all. They have multiple points of articulation and also include a unique battle gear item per figure. Each of the Power Ranger figures can also be used in the DX Megazord.

Day two and three – 30cm Action Figures (RRP £12.99)

The 30cm Power Ranger ninja steel figures are great for smaller hands. With articulated joints these will allow small fans to reenact their favourite episodes easily. They would also look great on display.

Day Four – Ninja Blaster (RRP £17.99)

The Ninja Blaster shoots out the ninja stars. It comes with three ninja stars which can be launched or used with the other Ninja Steel items to unlock various features.

Day Five – Sword Star Shooter (RRP £17.99)

The Sword Star Shooter has a hidden launcher which can shoot out the two ninja stars that are included in the pack.

Day Six – DX Rockstorm Guitar Blaster (RRP £29.99 available at Smyths only)

The DX Rockstorm Guitar Blaster is only available at Smyths and looks fantastic. This 3 in 1 toy is a sword, guitar and blaster all rolled into one. The blaster shoots out darts (2 included) and comes with an exclusive ninja star that can be placed in the hilt.

Day Seven – DX Ninja Blade (RRP £29.99)

The extendable Ninja Blade reaches 24 inches when fully extended and has awesome battle sounds and light effects. The DX Ninja Blade comes with one ninja star which can be placed in the hilt and spun like they do in the show.

Day Eight – DX Ninja Battle Morpher (RRP £34.99)

The DX Ninja Battle Morpher has hidden weapons for three modes – Sword mode, Claw Mode and Morpher mode. It comes with 2 ninja stars which activate unique sound effects.

Day 9 – DX Gold Ninja Battle Morpher (RRP £34.99 available at Toys R Us only)

The Gold Ninja Battle Morpher is only available from Toys R Us. It has two modes – blaster mode and morpher mode. It comes with two ninja stars which activate different sound effects.

Day 10 – DX Ninja Megazord (RRP £42.99)

The DX Ninja Steel Megazord is five smaller zords all combined to make the Megazord. It has space for one of the 12.5cm figures to fit in the chest. The DX Ninja Megazord includes a weapon and a figure.

Day 11 – Ninja Master Blade (RRP £44.99)

The Ninja Master Blade was Elizabeth’s weapon of choice. It has a ripcord function which activates the three spinning blades and sound effects. It comes with one Ninja Star.

Day 12 – Lion Fire Fortress (RRP £119.99)

The Lion Fire Fortress Zord is the ultimate gift for a fan of the Power Rangers Ninja Steel series. It is the biggest Megazord playset ever created and really is epic. It can roll into battle in Fortress mode which allows it to fire missiles and lock up villians in the stockade. It can turn into Towering Megazord mode which is over 50cm tall and comes with some brilliant battle sounds. Finally it can combine with the DX Ninja Megazord and 12.5cm action figure to activate the Lion Fire Ninja UltraZord and fire the twin bazookas. It has over 20 features and accessories and would make an amazing Christmas present.

We are really impressed with the range and the quality of the Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys from Bandai. The fact that the Ninja Stars are able to be used to unlock different effects on the different products is brilliant and really made the girls want to try them all. If you have a fan of the series when I am sure they will have a few of these items on their Christmas list.