The Lego Movie Giant Storage Brick

The lovely people from over at sent us a fabulous Lego Movie Giant Storage Brick after seeing our latest Lego Family Blogger pack. Understanding that we must have more Lego than we have space to store it they offered us the Large brick which has 8 knobs on the top.

The storage box is simple in shape and really sturdy and the lid is easy to remove due to the indented areas around the edge. This means that Alison and Elizabeth can get to their Lego when ever they want too.

This is our first experience of the Lego storage boxes but it did make me wonder if you can stack them like normal lego and a wonderful blogger friend of mine over at The Brick Castle showed me that you can do just that. In fact she also pointed out something that had been irritating me. We kept losing the tiny bits in the moulded areas at the bottom but it seems that this is common and Jenny just places tape over hers. It is a bit of a design flaw for practicality but does make it more realistic so if it annoys you then the tape is the way to go. If not you could always store smaller pieces in zip locked bags to keep them together. Who am I kidding, that would last all of one day!
I was really impressed with the size of the container and the amount of lego it can hold. In fact I think we have found our new favourite storage container! To give you an idea of size I thought a picture of my four year old holding it would put it into perspective.

Dimensions: 18cm high x 50cm wide x 25cm deep
Internal Dimensions: 11cm high x 48cm wide x 22.5cm deep