Little Big Planet PS Vita


Little Big Planet PS Vita is all the things you know and love from Little Big Planet on the PS3, but all contained on a handheld system that fits into your pocket.  So kids will now be able to play their favourite game without monopolising the TV and adults can squeeze in a few levels during their daily commute to and from work.

In the game you control the popular character Sackboy, who is fully customisable with different outfits that you can unlock the more you progress in the game.  There’s also famous outfits of other game characters that are available to purchase from the PlayStation Store.  The story is about Sackboy’s quest to save his beloved Craftworld, and at the same time restore joy and happiness to the world of Carnivalia.  The game makes great use of the PS Vita’s controls such as the multi-touch front screen and the rear touchpad, helping you navigate obstacles over 40 levels across 5 worlds.  But the fun doesn’t stop there as there’s an online community who create custom levels and share them with others to enjoy.

Playing through the story mode is a great way to collect stickers, unlock costumes and familiarise yourself with the game’s controls.  The majority of the time your objective is to navigate from left to right in order to complete a level.  The game supports cross-buy for any downloadable content purchased for Little Big Planet 2.  Stephen Fry returns as the game’s narrator, which seems to be a staple of the Little Big Planet experience.  There’s also support for online multiplayer for you and 3 other friends.

Little Big Planet PS Vita is the definitive version of Little Big Planet because you can enjoy all the things that make it a great game but take it with you wherever you go.  It’s great for kids because there’s very little violence and the ability to create you own levels is great for their developing minds.  A true masterpiece that is great for kids and adults alike.