The Greedy Sheep Game

The girls have wanted The Greedy Sheep Game since they saw it on the TV a few months ago. You feed the sheep his carrots and when he is full his wool pops off.

The game is really simple with no spinners or dice, you take it in turns to feed the sheep based on whether he hiccups or baa’s. If the wool (fleece) falls off on your turn you are the loser and the winner is the player w with the least carrots left.

Putting Greedy Sheep together is really simple as you just place him on the base and insert the fleece into his back. You then switch him on and start playing. To make Greedy sheep eat a carrot you push down on his head and he will open his mouth and swallow the carrot. Sometimes he doesnt eat them, this means you take it back and it is the next persons go.

The game is really good fun and I would recommend this as a great game that kids can play together without needing adults to be involved.