Star Wars Month – Day Eight – The Force Awakens Monopoly

I have never really been a monopoly fan but when offered to send me a Star Wars version for this feature I thought I would give it a try.

This game is slightly different to the traditional monopoly as it is on a round board and features the ability for players to be on the same team. The Rebels or the Empire.

As you go round the board you can buy bases on the planets and charge rent on them when someone lands on them. You also have the jail square and the Go square. To make this stand out you will find squares that represent the dark side and the light side where you pick up cards and a hyperdrive and bounty hunter square which move you around the board and gets you a base on a planet respectively.

The game moves quickly and using the force cards which you pick up when you land on a Rebel or Empire space allows you to manipulate the game in a variety of ways.
We had lots of fun playing this game and Elizabeth who has never played Monopoly before absolutely thrashed me which she thought was brilliant.

This is a great family game that you can all play together and would be a great game to play on Christmas day.