Tatty Puppy


We have a new pet in our house. We first met Tatty Puppy at a Christmas in July event and Elizabeth fell in love with it then so when we were offered the chance to review it we couldn’t resist.

Tatty Puppy is a super cute super cuddly pink robotic dog that barks, wags his tail, sits down and stands up and more. He also interacts with the fabulous Tatty Puppy app that we reviewed earlier this year.

We love the app for various reasons including the no in app charges and that the app has lots of mini games which works well with younger children.

Tatty Puppy can pant, bark and whimper as it wags it’s tail, moves its ears, turns it’s head, stretches and sits down. The only thing it doesnt do is walk and that is not a negative. When using the app Tatty Puppy responds in lots of different ways from wagging its tail in excitement to barking loudly.

You can also get clothes for Tatty Puppy although we have yet to get any we saw a selection of them at the Christmas in July event we went too.

Tatty Puppy is a great gift this Christmas and one that has been thoroughly enjoyed in this house (although it has currently run out of batteries after being played with so much).